Organic Products

Organic Products
Naturewise is pleased to be an Independent Garden Consultant with The Happy Gardener, which offers a high quality line of organic gardening products, including organic lawn care! Please visit our Happy Gardener website to view our products, order products, or learn more about organic gardening.
In addition to offering a high quality line of organic and earth-friendly products, we also offer:
* Educational presentations and demonstrations

* Commercial organic lawn care accounts

* Simple fundraisers for your organization or school

* Community involvement through Plant-A-Row for The Hungry

* Membership discount program

Visit our website or contact Kari for more information.

How Do Organic Products Work?
The objective of organic gardening is to improve the environment that the plants are growing in, so the plants grow strong and healthy. Chemical fertilizers may feed the plant, but they don’t improve the plant’s environment. The Happy Naturals products are specially formulated to improve the soil structure, helping the soil hold nutrients and moisture, so the plant can obtain those things from the soil when needed. Our products help promote vigorous and strong root growth, which makes for a strong plant. Happy Naturals products only need to be applied once per month to once per year, making this an economical and easy solution. When chemical products are used, the plant just gets a temporary boost and will need frequent applications. This means more time and money spent by the gardener, not to mention exposure to potentially harmful chemicals by people and the environment.