Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels
Kari’s painted rainbarrel
Rain barrels are an easy way to collect the rain water that runs off your roof top, and holds the water until you are ready to use it. Rain water is better for plants than municipal water as it has not been treated with chemicals, and it contains lots of great micronutrients for plants.

Rain barrels are easy to install, and can be as easy as just placing them under a valley where water collects and runs off. The barrels also help prevent soil erosion from water splashing on the ground.
Rain Barrels Now Available!
Rain barrels can now be purchased at The Green Marketplace, or they can be ordered for pick up at the marketplace or delivery (delivery charges apply). The order form can be dowloaded here. All styles of barrels are $65.00 plus tax.
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For photos and descriptions of the rain barrels, open the instruction document below.
click here to download rain barrel instructions