Room heater

Considerations when buying a space heater

Using a space heater is a quick and convenient way to raise the temperatures of a room and make it warm. These appliances come in a range of size and style and are able to keep a room warm especially during the cold seasons. If you are planning to buy one, it may be a bit confusing on what to pick when you enter the store. What features do you look for? Below are some considerations to help when buying.

Buying space heaters

Type of heater

space heater

Space heaters will vary in the type of heating they produce. There are three heating methods. That is convection, conduction and radiation. A space heater can use one or a combination of these methods. There are also many types of space heaters for one to choose from and they all have there pros and cons. One needs to assess what their need is and choose the space heater that is best suited for them. The type of heaters includes the radiant heater, micathermic heater, ceramic heater, infrared heater and non-electric heater.

Size of space heater

When planning to purchase a space heater, it is important to consider the size of the heater and where you will be placing it. As mentioned space heaters are available in a range of sizes. It is advisable that they are placed on a flat surface to avoid them toppling over. We have portable space heaters that are small or medium and there are also large space heaters that tend to be bulky and not portable.

Energy efficiency

For many homeowners energy efficiency is a key element when using space heaters. Many want to maintain low heating costs. It is necessary for one to choose the right heater for their space and environment. Features like adjustable thermostats, energy saving modes, timers that can be programmed help keep the power usage at a low.

Safety features

Safety is vital when using appliances that generate heat. Be sure to check on the safety features that are available on the model that you intend to buy. Some safety features that can be found include cool to the touch surfaces, shut off feature if the heater tips over and overheat protection, where the heater will automatically turn off if internal components reach unsafe temperatures.

Noise levels

Consider the noise levels when buying the space heater. Most will emit noise when in operation but the level will vary from one heater to another.…